It’s time to increase your product sourcing knowledge! My name is Rob Cyr, and I've been buying and reselling secondary markets goods for a long time. Within the wholesale industry I'm considered an expert when it comes to below wholesale closeouts, customer returns, and excess consumer goods.

Do you have a bricks and mortar or online business? New Venture Media provides one-on-one consultation, in depth written training materials, and several network websites that explain how to purchase retail inventory below traditional wholesale pricing.

So, a little more information about my experience and how I got started:

Travel back in time with me- set the dial to 2002 and hold on tight because at that time I was working as a mid-level manager for a mid-size corporation and it was about to get bumpy! I had a company vehicle, expense account, and an attractive office. Everything was going fine until that fateful day when I learned top brass sold the company to an even larger corporation. Not one of the branch managers were privy to this, so it was a bit of a shock to say the least. I hung in there for about two weeks, but new ownership was not offering much in the way of a restructuring plan. My employees kept jumping ship and soon after, I quit and walked home leaving my company vehicle, status, and income behind.

When I got home I called my wife and told her what happened. With her full support, I carved out a business buying and reselling wholesale merchandise from home...the rest they say is history. Today, I spend time helping on and off-line resellers navigate the treacherous waters of wholesale liquidation merchandise.

As founder of New Venture Media, I'm eager to help answer your questions about product sourcing, specifically within the secondary market. Over the years I have assisted thousands of people with the dream of owning their own profitable retail business- on and off-line. Now it's your turn!

People Are Talking...

"If you want to learn how to source the liquidation marketplace Rob is the go-to guy and I strongly endorse The 2015 Liquidators Guide   Skip McGrath - Author and publisher of the Online Sellers Resource

"Robert is a dedicated professional whose insight is extremely valuable to the wholesale / retail industry at large. I trust his expertise and look forward to reviewing his work through his many written contributions to a variety of outlets."    Nicole Leinbach Reyhle - founder of Retail Minded & co-founder of Independent Retailer conference

"Robert has an exceptional understanding of the ever-changing social media landscape and how best to position a product for growth. He has a gift for innovation and showed time and again his ability to turn concept into reality. He is perennially upbeat and enthusiastic - a trait I found invaluable while dealing with the stress of a product launch. I look forward to working with Robert again!"    Jeffrey Wilkinson - Director of the Honolulu Zoo

"Experienced in so many areas, whatever Robert does, he throws himself into 110%. His drive and determination are super, topped only by his skill in solving problems. This skill is drawn, in the main, from his broad and successful personal experience in commerce and publishing."    Martin Dodge - Independent Writing and Editing Professional

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